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Central Buddha Hai An


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We are an English speaking Buddhist meditation group, who have a long-standing relationship with the Vietnamese community at the Hai An Pagoda. They graciously allow us to meet at their temple in New Britain, CT.

Weekly services are influenced by Zen and Pure Land traditions, although we respect and honor all Buddhist traditions.

Our practice typically includes sitting and walking meditation, chanting, devotionals, and a discussion of our practice.

One Wednesday per month we review the precepts for wholesome living set down by the Buddha.

One other Wednesday per month, our services are led by Venerable Xin-Xing, a Buddhist monk who visits from Dharma Seal Monastery in New York.

Everyone is welcome regardless of where you are on your spiritual path.

Please wear modest, loose fitting clothing appropriate for sitting meditation. If you're new to meditation, we can help you begin your practice.

If you are new to our sangha, please arrive early so we can welcome you and help orient you to our practice.